Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Hate U Give, by Angie Thomas

I absolutely loved this book. It poignantly showed the struggles of a life where you are surrounded by potential danger. Starr, the protagonist navigated difficult situation with true courage.

~ Posted by a Homestead senior

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

An Abundance of Katherines, by John Green

This book by John Green is about this prodigy boy (not genius, since geniuses are very different), Colin, who has an odd obsession with dating girls with the name Katherine. Currently in the book Colin has just been dumped by Katherine 19, and decides to cure his crippling depression over it by going on a road trip with his friend, Hassan. During their road trip Colin starts to create an equation for the dumpers and dumpees, and wants the formula to predict any kind of relationship and give justice to the dumpees, while to also win back the heart of Katherine 19. Colin meets some people along the way, and learns much about life, importance, and relationships. This book has been very entertaining and fun to read. Seeing the unique thought process of the protagonist is very intriguing, along with how he acts around people. The main message of the book from my view is how everyone—including prodigies and geniuses—have an empty hole in their life and want to be important, and they find it in different ways. This is a very relatable message and communicates it fairly well. This book is unique, smart, witty, and wonderful.

~ Reviewed by a Homestead sophomore

Monday, December 10, 2018

Tone Deaf, by Olivia Rivers

The book Tone Deaf by Olivia Rivers is about a girl named Ali who has a abusive father, and her attempt at running away. She meets a band member named Jace and they fall in love and realize how similar they are. When Jace suddenly gets a seizure because someone drugged his punch, she knows she has to call 9-1-1, even if it means getting caught. When paramedics arrive, she realizes that she is in deep trouble. They clearly recognize her and fly her back to her dad. Everything just seems to go downhill from there. I would recommend this book to anyone. It will hook you from beginning to end, and sadly, may even show the darker parts of life.

~ Posted by Chloe P., Homestead freshman

P.S. I Still Love You, by Jenny Han

Lara Jean and Peter are officially a couple but when her old friend John Ambrose McClaren comes back to town receiving the letter, drama between the 2 occur making the choice for Lara Jean hard to choose. In the end she chooses Peter. I'm Team John, he sounds like a much better guy to date and really likable. I rate this book a 4/5.

~ Posted by Thien-Nhi V., Homestead freshman

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Encyclopedia of Genetics

Click for more information on this title

Click for more information on this title
The genetics book is awesome. It is very interesting and easy to understand. It will be useful for everybody, especially for those who are taking biology now because the big test is based on DNA to protein unit test. I suggest everybody to read that book and use the other genetics book, that is genetics encyclopedia as a reference book if they can't understand something from the genetics book. The genetics encyclopaedia book is a very good reference book. I suggest my fellow students to read those two books.

~ Posted by Monjima, HHS sophomore

The Prince and the Dressmaker, by Jen Wang

Click for more information on this titleThis book tells the story of a girl called Frances who is pulled into the world of royalty when Crown Prince Sebastian of Belgium hires her to be his dressmaker. Her sense of fashion allow her to make creations for Sebastian that come alive to all who view them. However, Sebastian's secret is that he loves to dress like a girl. I love this book because of the heartwarming dialogue between the two characters, and how a chance occurrence turns into a beautiful friendship.

~ Posted by a Homestead senior 

Review of Puddin' by Julie Murphy

The book Puddin' by Julie Murphy is the second book in a two part series, the first book being Dumplin'. It is written in a dual perspective. The book is about two girls, Millie Michalchuk and Callie Reyes. They are complete opposites, with Millie being the optimistic nice girl who used to go to fat camp every year and Callie being the popular mean girl who is part of the dance team and next in line to become captain. Despite them being polar opposites, a certain turn of events brought the two together. This led to the girls spending a lot of time together and really getting to know one another and realizing they had more in common than they thought which led to an uplifting friendship between them. Throughout the story the girl's friendship brought out the best in them and changed them both for the better.

~ Posted by Jessica F., HHS freshman